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Leadership growth hacks

Extensive research has been done to understand the drivers behind excellence in leadership. Indicators from earlier studies show initiative, persistence, sociability and willingness to accept the consequences of decisions as important.

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Stop waiting to be invited

There is this fantastic opportunity to follow your passion and purpose. But you do nothing. Waiting to be recognised and invited won’t take you anywhere. And you ask: How can I get out of this trap? Show up and ask for what you want.

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Why Gender Diversity is good for everyone, not just women

The lists of powerful women are growing. Female leaders are emerging as collaborative, inclusive, ready to make the tough calls and shake up the status quo. Power is not a gift given to anyone. It’s a mountain to climb. And yet, when it’s in sight these women are grabbing it with both hands and using it to make change happen. Sisters are doing it for themselves, and long may it continue.

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Do you remember to have fun and relax?

How many times do we tend to put everyone and everything before ourselves? Sometimes for the benefit of others, sometimes for a title, recognition, or for money and prestige. We all know that if we run and do more and more, we end up not being able to give anything anymore to anyone.

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