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At Azkua, we help you discover the glowing ember inside you waiting to be ignited. And we teach you how to fan your own flames in order to make a positive change to your world around.

Azkua’s personal developmental coaching takes place via a safe, group learning environment. You will learn, grow and achieve new solutions and results – with the help our coaches and lots of tools and techniques. In order to be a successful change leader, to move forward and remain strong for others, you first must recognise how to be your strongest self.

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Practice gratitude in the workplace

The importance of gratitude is everywhere. On every platform there’s advice on keeping a journal, counting your blessings, happiness from within etc. But what about being grateful at work?

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Leadership growth hacks

Extensive research has been done to understand the drivers behind excellence in leadership. Indicators from earlier studies show initiative, persistence, sociability and willingness to accept the consequences of decisions as important.

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Stop waiting to be invited

There is this fantastic opportunity to follow your passion and purpose. But you do nothing. Waiting to be recognised and invited won’t take you anywhere. And you ask: How can I get out of this trap? Show up and ask for what you want.

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