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Lead the Change

Business as a force for good 


A couple of years ago, whilst attending the One of Many conference in London, I had the idea of bringing our own Azkua version of their concept of Lead The Change to the Netherlands. And I wrote the following intro:

The world is facing a multitude of challenges: Climate change, plastic pollution, a rise of the far right, employee disengagement, loneliness, education crisis, work life imbalance, stuffocation, loneliness, high divorce rates, wars, modern day slavery, numbing – to name just a few.

We can no longer wait for politicians, governments, or some other leader to take charge and lead the change. We need a multitude of leaders at all levels to change the status quo. We need people to care personally and take charge. One individual at a time. We need you. 

And then I got busy, distracted, working on what earned the most money, and forgot all about it again. Until the Corona crisis woke me up – again.


The Azkua | Lead The Change Initiative


Let’s start creating the change we believe in. Let’s start voicing and sharing our ideas.

Our vision for Azkua | Lead The Change is to become the network for purpose driven professional women who are ready to uplevel and create a world with a future.

We can make a difference. Together.

Manuela Damant

Together we can make a difference

and create a world that works for all

Join our amazing community of purpose driven professional women and let’s take some #smallsteps or #bigsteps together.



For those of you juggling too many balls already, the last thing we want to do is to add another thing to your to-do list. On the contrary, we want to show you that we can make a difference in the smallest and sublest ways which won’t take more of your time, money or energy.

So if this is you right now, join the Azkua | Lead The Change LinkedIn Group and search for #smallsteps. You’ll find the link to sign up below.



And for those of you who feel compelled to make a difference, play bigger and might already be hatching an idea too, there will be #biggersteps including practical webinars, tools, group coaching, mastermind groups, and so much more.


So again, make sure to sign up to our Azkua | Lead The Change LinkedIn Group to join the conversation and sign up to the webinars.