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Our idea and mission

As Azkua, we aim to transform the way we work so that businesses become a force for good – purpose-driven and inclusively co-creating. We do this by activating wholeness and (self-) leadership in organisations.

Creating a culture of trust and collaboration is one way to boost productivity and engagement. At Azkua, we focus on this and other elements that ensure healthy business, customer satisfaction, and employee engagement.

By letting us help you to develop your leaders and the people who drive your results, you enable your business to grow and thrive. Imagine a workforce that is committed, people who stand together to achieve goals and live the company’s purpose. A team set up to play bigger, together. That is what we bring to organisations.

Azkua. Making a difference. Together

Our values and principles


Wholeness | We enable everyone to be themselves and to bring their whole self to work – by creating a culture of openness and trust. Azkua helps with fostering self-belief and believing in others.

Meaningful impact | Meaningful change comes from personal commitment and finding the passion and drive to make a difference. Azkua specialices in helping people to create lasting impact.

Co-creation | When standing together we feel stronger. But by building individual power and strength we create the foundations for confidence and change. Thereby being better able to work better together.

Purpose-driven | With clear intentions, laser focus, and an actionable plan we get things done and help others to find their purpose and drive – to propel themselves and their teams forward.

The Azkua name

What does Azkua mean? When we chose to re-brand from ‘Open The Door Leadership’ to our current name, we struggled to find a word that truly encapsulated not only our core values but also our ultimate vision for change.

We chose the name Azkua because it conjures up a number of images – from aqua and water, to words associated with Aztecs, the far East and Native America. It’s strong, spiritual and embedded in nature.

Azkua derives from the word ‘ascua’ – meaning ‘burning ember’ in Spanish.

We all have that burning ember inside of us that is waiting to be fanned, to glow brighter and to create a spark. We all want to be ignited. But we are also made of water – strong, flexible, persevering and beautiful. It has the power to sustain, but also to extinguish. By using the colour of water and flame in our logo, we aimed to demonstrate our inner battle – passion and clarity, hunger and our subconscious saboteurs ready to put out our internal fire.