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Turn your career crisis into a career opportunity

One in four women are considering leaving or downshifting their careers, according to the World Economic Forum. This is another pandemic no one is talking about: the mass exodus of women in organisations. We need you to stay in your corporate role, to thrive and to achieve all your goals, because we know that when women thrive, organizations and society thrive too. 

At Azkua, we believe it will be purpose driven women like you who will be at the forefront of turning our organisations into forces for good. But only if you finally own your voice, innate influence and strengths and ditch Superwoman for good.

Let us help you getting you off the hamster wheel and on to the start of your next exciting career chapter, filled with meaning and intention.

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As an organisation you might search for:

  • Effective training opportunities for your female talent at every level
  • Psychological safety for professional women to embrace their failures and celebrate their successes
  • Increased creativity across the organisation instead of relying on a few individuals
  • Effective and sustainable ways to increase diversity in leadership and teams
  • Efficient change management to create momentum and energy
  • Transitioning from a system of command and control to shared leadership and accountability without being held back by old behaviours
  • Effectively developing agility and servant leadership as a norm
  • Lasting return on investment with sustained change and improvements instead of short term impact
  • Being future proof by creating interconnected teams and building on the individuals’ strengths to solve complex problems
  • Being able to respond like a speedboat, even though you may be large like an ocean liner

What our clients say

A big part of competence is being realistic about one’s limitations. I want to run my teams with strictly equal opportunity, but as a male leader my personal experience only goes so far to help top female talent develop and thrive.

That is where I have found an excellent partner in Manuela and her team at Azkua (formerly known as Open The Door Leadership), who have achieved outstanding results with several of the most talented women I work with.

The programs gave them important insights in limiting and enabling dynamics – in themselves as well as the organization around them – and equipped them with practical tools and techniques to address these. I’ve seen these women grow more confident, more effective and more engaged, while still remaining true to themselves. They have become my coaches too, expanding my own skill set to get better as a holistic and truly gender-neutral leader.

Stefan Verstraeten

COO Automotive, TomTom

Dove came to Hallabolou and worked with our management team over a few months. She truly made a positive impact on the Hallabolou Mangement team. If you looking for a professional consultant to guide you or your business towards better communication and effective corporate team building, I would highly recommend Dove. Thanks again from me and the whole TEAM!

Vanessa Boson

Founder, Hallabolou LLC

Casa Bilingual Montessori School was recently embraced by the positive energy of Manuela Damant when she began the project of enhancing our working culture.

With a very diverse team – grown from 4 to 75 in 8 years, we are faced with the challenges you would expect in our situation. Casa also has a very ambitious mission, namely that we believe that we could assist in creating a better world by focusing on the support of our children now.

That means we have to be a healthy, flexible team – open to feedback and embracing our values. That does not come easily, especially with such a broad and diverse team.

We are amazed at what Manuela brought us. She set guidelines for communication in our team not just for a whole team approach, but also for sections and the individual; it makes it possible to work with everyone according to their needs.

We are starting to talk about subjects that we thought not possible to discuss in recent years. We are able to go beyond the surface of difficult topics and really discuss the underlying issues with each other.

We are moving forward with Courage and Connection, very thankful for the support of Manuela and Azkua.

Tessa Wessels

Director, Casa Bilingual Montessori School, Delft

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At Azkua, we work with core formulas, concepts, and content that address your pains and gains on an organisational and individual level:


  • ready to be applied to different situations
  • adaptable to different levels in an organisation – reach the specific group of people you target
  • continuously updated – we incorporate new learnings and methods seamlessly into programmes
  • customisable format and delivery, based on your needs


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