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Infuse new perspectives, motivation, and impulses to change into your organisation


To trigger mindset shifts, initiative, and the power to self-help it helps in bring externals into your organisation. By sharing their stories and views as well as by giving your employees the possibility to get a first taste, new impulses enter the organisation and can lead to first small changes and new activities.

Here’s a selection of topics to give you a taste:

True Impact

Many of us are longing to work in more fun, creative and collaborative workplaces. And it sure sounds great on paper, but how do we make it a reality when our tendencies to please, avoid, compete and control many times still outweigh our abilities to question, do what’s right, co-create and collaborate?

During this two-hour workshop we’ll be exploring and practicing a framework that will show us how it’s possible to have it all at work. Confidence, creativity & collaboration without losing our humanity.

The Power Of Many

Creating change on our own is hard. And yet most of us have been raised to believe that independence is the holy grail of adulthood. So we keep tackling issues and raising concerns by ourselves.

What if there was another way? What if creating meaningful change could be collaborative, courageous, progressive and empowering all at once? Is it time for you to create a conscious network to create the change you believe in?


We all possess unique traits and strengths that we could bring to our work and the world as a whole. Yet many of us have been losing touch with what energises us, gives us meaning and adds purpose to our careers.

During this two-hour workshop we’ll be taking a close look at what makes work enjoyable and how we can bring more of ourselves and our talents to work. To benefit our stakeholders, our team and ourselves.


Many of us embrace busyness like a badge of honour. We ran from appointment to meeting to project to social gathering. Always feeling slightly late, slightly overwhelmed, slightly stressed. What’s driving us to be all and have all? Is there another way? A gentler way? A way to exhale?

During this workshop we shall be looking at the workplace from a cultural and historic view point to help you recognise and leave behind outdated beliefs and step into a new paradigm at work.

Typical occasions when we speak and deliver workshops are:

  • Annual kick-offs
  • Strategy events
  • Lunch & Learn sessions or the like
  • Internal women’s network events
  • International Women’s Day events

What our clients say

Dovile gave an enlightening talk at the WBII networking on how to use our natural talents for our best performance. She introduced the idea of understanding and leveraging our natural talent and how and when these talents show up. Professionally delivered, clear and concise, Dovile proves herself to be a competent and engaging speaker!

Lisa Hall

Treasurer at Women's Business Initiative International , Art Director at Lemonberry - Design Agency

Manuela was our keynotes speaker a couple of years ago at one of our “Mix & Match” networking events for almost 100 internationals in The Hague. Her energy, passion, endurance, and connection with the audience was impressive. I loved how Manuela brought her personal experience to her presentation making it relatable while genuinely connecting with the attendees. Not only she engaged and energized the crowd, her humor and catchy slides kept the audience’s attention for the entire presentation.  Manuela was one of our best speakers we have had and, in fact, she is joining us again in a few days with her workshop on how to create a life with intention. I would recommend her in a heartbeat to anyone looking for an engaging quality speaker.

Tetyana Benzeroual

Project Manager, Volunteer The Hague

Amber is an impactful speaker and coach, who knows how to move the audience and touch their hearts. The benefit of having her on the show was that she shared valuable insights on the new way of working from a leadership perspective. If you are looking for a heart-centered leadership coach/ speaker then Amber Rahim is a perfect fit!

Vivian Acquah

Workplace Wellness Advocate, Viva la Vive

I had known Manuela for years before I saw her speak at the SPARK Conference. I knew she was smart, outgoing, and a well-respected leader. What I did not know was that she was a phenomenal speaker. The room fell silent and every person was on the edge of their seats listening to her words. She commanded the room and delivered her message with grace and passion. Manuela knows her content well and she can present it in an unforgettable way. If you’re looking for a speaker, you’ve found the right person.

Stephanie Ward

Marketing Coach, Firefly Coaching

I co-produced the Symposium #daretobeagirl with the Professional Women’s Network Amsterdam (PWN). Manuela was one of the first speakers I invited on board. From the first moment we connected, I understood I had to deal with a strong individual who would not ‘hide’.

As the director of the Symposium, I asked all the speakers – from the former Dutch minister Ms. Dekker to the Head of Psychology Dept at Webster University Dr. Shah – to share their personal stories, not the data. I was interested in conveying their personal strength, allowing their successes to be the inspiration for our audience. Manuela surprised me in the most wonderful way. She returned for our second rehearsal with her personal story. She did not hesitate one second to use her vulnerabilities in order to empower and inspire others. Through that vulnerability, her speech was one of the most moving at the Symposium. Manuela was able to demonstrate through her example that creativity can be found in vulnerability.

I was very happy she joined our team and I am looking forward to collaborating with Manuela again in the near future. It was an amazing experience working with her.

Theodora Voutsa

Founder, Theodora Voutsa Productions Foundation

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