“Oh the joy of missing out.
When the world begins to shout
And rush towards that shining thing;
The latest bit of mental bling–
Trying to have it, see it, do it,
You simply know you won’t go through it;
The anxious clamoring and need
This restless hungry thing to feed.
Instead, you feel the loveliness;
The pleasure of your emptiness.
You spurn the treasure on the shelf
In favor of your peaceful self;
Without regret, without a doubt.
Oh the joy of missing out”
—Michael Leunig


I recently came across this concept when my co-facilitator Gen shared it in a training.

What a wonderful concept. Instead of fearing missing out we could actually take joy in it. And it’s so true. Dovile and myself have been taking a step back from our busy work lives this summer whilst relocating back to the UK with our respective families.

Instead of chasing our tails, we took time out to be present, arrive and settle in.


We should be wary about having FOMO


Kristen Fuller in an article for Psychology Today writes: ”Instead of having FOMO over silly experiences on social media, we should be wary about having FOMO over missing moments with loved ones, watching sunsets, laughing at jokes, traveling, walking barefoot through the grass, hearing the sound of the ocean, and enjoying good food with family and friends.”

She shares 6 ways to practice JOMO and reading through them it’s exactly what we allowed ourselves to do:

be intentional with your time
– give yourself permission to live in the present
– embrace tech-free time
practice saying no
– Experience real life (not social media life)
slow down

Questions to ponder:

When have you last practiced JOMO?

Have you ever practice JOMO?

And what would happen if you did?



Here’s to you,

Manuela Damant

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