We are living in a time when we are told we can have it all. 


The career, the body, the family, the enlightenment.


So it’s no wonder that many of us are trying to have it all by doing it all. 


Enter Superwoman. 


That part inside of you who strives to do everything, be everything, have everything. 


Sounds familiar?


You’re not alone. Many of the women we work with at Azkua are under the bane of Superwoman. 


They feel overwhelmed, exhausted and always in a rush. 


And yet they’re reluctant to let her go.


Because what if letting her go also means letting go of achievement, success and a nice pinch of distinction?


The good news is you can start managing her downsides without having to give up on her advantages.


Superwoman can certainly keep bringing her gifts of 

  • Exuberant ambition
  • Seeing opportunities
  • Taking pleasure in achievement
  • Striving for excellence

to your life and career. 


Only no longer in the role of the CEO of your life, but in the role of distinguished advisor. 


You bring her into the picture in smaller yet still potent doses. 


Inviting her to bring in her super powers and wisdom to those moments when you need to finish something quickly. When you need to juggle several balls at once. When something important needs to get done.


For the rest of the time a very different part of you will take the reins. 


The part of you who


  • is clear on what’s important for you and why 
  • acts compassionately and gently with yourself
  • prioritizes self-care
  • allows for the universe to support you
  • courageously says no and establishes healthy boundaries


You might want to call her your Higher Self. The part of you who has the very best for you in mind and lets your talent and strengths naturally unfold. 


Can you see what a potent team these two could make if you allocated them the role they each function best in?


Balance is not some absurd impossible to achieve notion. It’s a reality waiting to be created.


To your success,


Manuela Damant
Women’s Leadership Coach

At Azkua we are on a mission to turn businesses and organisations into a force for good. And we believe that it is professional women like YOU, who will be at the forefront of this transformation. Purpose driven, caring, grounded and influential women.