How would you react if you found out that you’re bringing a lot of the archetypal Mother energy to work?

Would you feel proud and resourceful


a bit disappointed and less than?

If it’s the former we’d love to congratulate you.


Mother Archetype at work

When you’re happy to tap into the Mother Archetype at work you already know that you’re the kind of leader who uses gentle encouragement, teaching and coaching as her tools of choice.

That you patiently work to bring out the best in every member of your team/family, certain in the knowledge that everyone’s contribution is valuable and important.

Looking to the wellbeing of your team, and supporting them to take care of themselves.


The Mother Archetype is weak? Not at all!

If you’re reluctant to embrace the Mother Archetype we would like to invite you to take another look at the super powers of the Mother energy.

Imagine how our organisations and countries would be transformed with more mother (and father) energy in positions of power? Taking into consideration not only the impact of our actions on our own life, but on the next seven generations?

Imagine the positive impact on our mental health inside and outside of our organisations when mother energy listens, supports and takes care?

Imagine the increased care of nature and all it’s creatures when mother energy steps in to protect the planet?


Still not convinced?

Then download the powerful examples from Mother nature our fabulous Gentle Ambition participant Rebecca Blunden carried together for us.

The time is right for gentle, supporting and caring leadership.

Here’s to you!

Manuela Damant
Women’s Leadership Coach at Azkua


At Azkua we are on a mission to turn businesses and organisations into a force for good. And we believe that it is professional women like YOU, who will be at the forefront of this transformation. Purpose driven, caring, grounded and influential women.