Do these words mean something to you? Do they remind you of a colleague, family member, yourself?

Over-functioners (yes, looks like we just made up a new word!), hyper-achievers and perfectionist. You know who you are. You’re doing great work and you wish others around you would do the same. Sometimes it feels to you as if everybody else is doing only half a job.

And you’re right.


Over-functioners tend to attract under-functioners

And it’s not even that all people around you START OUT under-functioning.

It’s just that your tendency to take on heaps of work – jump on any tasks to be done, grab the phone to call the client, buy the flowers for a colleague’s birthday, soothe the emotional heartache of a family member – slowly but surely allows us to take a step back and go at an easier pace.

And as we’re in the lead up to Christmas, you’re usually the one who’s house we come to and expect the turkey with all the trimmings!!

So first of all. Thank YOU for over-functioning. You make our careers and lives so much easier.


Keep going at this pace if it serves you

And if not, and you recognize how your tendency to do it all, ensures you DO do it all and KEEP doing it all then maybe it’s time to shift gears.


The origins of over-functioning, perfectionism and hyper-achieving

Over-functioning is many times the results of us wanting to get approval of our parents, teachers and other care givers when we’re small. We got praise for doing well, being quiet, being organised. And this praise and recognition in turn made us feel safer in our position and in our worth.

The good news is once you’ve reached the ripe old age of 18 your safety and self-worth not longer depend on your care-givers and you can place that centre of control nicely back right inside yourself and in people who want you to grow, shine and YES, have a break and do less too.


What matters to YOU?

Is over-functioning really giving you a sense of achievement or is your Higher Self already waiting for you to stop doing what is expected and start doing what matters? What matters to YOU.

Join the throngs of full-hearted and empowered women and live life out loud – Azkua-style. 🙂

And if you need help on your journey to becoming who you always knew you could be, why not start by taking our favourite Saboteur Assessment to find out how specifically you are holding yourself back.

Kiss over-functioning goodbye.


It’s your life. Make the most of it!

Manuela Damant
Visionary Collective Leader at Azkua

At Azkua we are on a mission to turn businesses and organisations into a force for good. And we believe that it is professional women who will be at the forefront of this transformation. Purpose driven, caring, grounded and influential women like YOU!