Recently Forbes published an article on five of the most influential economists of today. And yes, they are ALL women! Shaping a conversation in what traditionally was a male dominated academic sphere.

And how are they doing it? By reimagining what economics is all about. Challenging old beliefs around value creation and growth that does not serve our communities anymore.

Ever since seeing this article I got slightly obsessed with these five ladies and their work (a proper brain crush, I must say).

So what can we learn from these powerhouse professional women, who seem to have managed to be invited to every important room in the world: from Washington, to Brussels to the Vatican?



The world (including your office) is hungry for ideas that are different, that are personal and that serve more than just a bottom line.


Just a few years ago most of the ideas that all these five economists are sharing would have been taunted as naïve, unrealistic, something that is discussed on the fringes of politics. But today we are hungry for ideas that are bold. Ideas that have a capacity to fundamentally change how we work, live and relate to each other.

They also support each other in their work. You can find a number of YouTube videos where they come together and discuss each other’s ideas. Real celebration of supportive sisterhood and further debunking the idea that women have to compete with each other for the seat at the important tables of the world.

So, if you have an idea that you want to bring forth, but have always been postponing, this is the time to do it.

Dust off your thinking/presenting/canvasing/brainstorming hat and get to work on putting this idea on paper (or slack, or trello card, or presentation).


Four key elements to consider


  • What is important about this idea?


You need to be able to communicate in a very concise manner, what makes this idea worth, first and foremost, the time investment that any idea implementation needs.

You might be surprised that time investment should be your number one consideration, but with the current demands everyone has, including you, on their time – this is the only asset that is truly finite. We all have 24 hours in the day.


  • What problem does this idea solve?


One very powerful way to get the attention of your peers, employers or any other stakeholders is to show what problem it will help them to solve. They will be much more likely to buy in to your idea if they can see how your idea will make their life easier.


  • How will things change when this idea is implemented?


If you want others to help you implement your bold idea, you need to take them with you on a journey.

Let them see what will be different because this new idea comes to existence. Part of that would be addressed in the section where you would talk about the problem that it would solve, but you need to go a step further. Once this problem is solved – what will this newly created space be filled with? What will be possible for them to say “yes” to because this problem does not exist anymore.

Draw a compelling picture of the future, where the idea not only eliminates this current problem, but also creates something that is exciting and aspirational instead.


  • Who else do you need to bring this idea forth? 


Create a network of people around you, who will be as excited as you about this idea. You do not need to start with a huge network of people. Actually, at the initial stage, while you are mastering the above three elements, you might want to start small, with three or four people. Otherwise you might have too many opinions to manage at a stage where you yourself are still not sure how this idea will look in practice.

Once you are clear with your “on paper idea”, this is when you can start expanding your network of people, who can help you bring this to fruition.


“Never underestimate the power of a small group of committed people to change the world. In fact, it is the only thing that ever has.”

~ Margaret Mead


What is one idea that you have been sitting on for years, that you thought was too big for you to bring forward? Most importantly what would be possible if this idea was implemented? We would love to hear from you.



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