Do you remember to have fun and relax?


When was the last time you did something simply because you wanted to? Not because you had to? Or because you were told to?
When was the last time you had fun and giggled from pure joy?
When was the last time you sat down and enjoyed a book? The one that had been waiting for you for months on the shelves?
When was the last time you relaxed in the sun with no worry in the world?


A day on the beach

A little while ago, we had one of those gloriously warm and sunny spring days in The Hague. After the cold and rainy winter months, the sun was beckoning through the window, and following her call, my 3 years old son and myself found ourselves on the beach a little while later.

Digging into the sand and getting our hands dirty, searching for shells and looking at waves, listening to the sounds around us. I guess practising mindfulness together. It felt like heaven on earth – no expectations, no agenda, no rush. Simply being in the moment. Enjoying every minute of it.

At the end of the day, my little boy’s face broke into a huge smile and he said: ”Mama, it was a great day, I had so much fun being with you today.’‘ I was overwhelmed with joy and love. And what’s more, the energy from that one afternoon helped my create and complete various things I had been procrastinating on until then. I was reminded once more, what an effect a little sunshine and some time away from everything can have on my productivity and well-being.


Human being vs. human doing

How many times do we tend to put everyone and everything before ourselves? Sometimes for the benefit of others, sometimes for a title, recognition, or for money and prestige. We all know that if we run and do more and more, we end up not being able to give anything any more to anyone. Let alone be able to receive.

Remember how people are saying that most of their ideas come when they are under the shower? This is why having fun and doing nothing – relaxing, is so crucial for our body and brain.


Charging your batteries

It’s pretty much like charging the batteries of our phones. We do need to recharge our own biological batteries too. Daily – ideally! If you constantly aim to be in control or do everything perfectly, it’s time for you to set a regular date with yourself. A date to do nothing. To enjoy. Laugh. Play. Have fun. See friends for the pure joy of it.

Leave your phone at home and go for a walk. Who cares, if it’s raining or the sun shines – as long as you connect with yourself in the process. I can personally recommend even hugging a tree from time to time. You might be surprised how good this feels.

Stop whatever you do now. Take a deep breath. Close your eyes and tap into what it is, at this very moment, your body, your mind, your spirit would like you to do. And do it!

And then do it again and again. Practice makes perfect. Create a habit to relax and have fun. Carry on so you can achieve all you want, one step at a time, whilst having fun in the process.


A fabulous life can be all yours. Enjoy!

Joanna Trawińska. Guest author