Raise confidence through your strengths


What does confidence have to do with strengths, you might ask. Quite a lot.


According to an ebook published by the Langley group, people who were asked to focus on their strengths increased their performance by 36%. On the other hand, people who were asked to focus on their weaknesses decreased their performance by 27%. More than that, an article in Harvard Business Review highlights that people who use their strengths every day are three times more likely to report excellent quality of life and are six times more likely to be engaged at their work.


Let’s face it, we all feel more confident when we work from our strengths, rather than from our weaknesses. I see it with my clients all the time: the more they learn about their strengths and the more intentional they are about developing them, the less time they worry about their weakness and in turn, their confidence grows.


So, where do we start? Like most great things in life, the necessary steps you need to take to begin with are actually simpler than you might think, and accessible to all of us. I’ve put together a booklet with five simple steps and tools that can help you embrace your strengths and raise confidence in return. Grab now your free eBooklet and start today to raise confidence through strengths. 


Dovile Corrigan. Azkua Coach

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