It’s strange this year. Rather than getting ready to pack suitcases and presents, either to be taken skiing or to celebrate the festive season with friends and family, we are preparing for a Christmas at home. Highly unusual for an English husband and a Swiss wife living in the Netherlands.

And we’re not alone. Many of our friends here are internationals who shall be missing out on celebrating Christmas back home too.

So how do we bring the cheer, the hugs and the relaxation into the same homes we have been spending most of 2020 in already?


Ritual & Fairy Dust

With ritual and a bit of fairy dust. And with gently easing out of Superwoman and into Lover energy.

Most of us have been wearing several hats during 2020. Parent, teacher, carer, professional, entertainer, baker, cook, cleaner and so many more. All the jobs that needed to be done, all the worries to take care of, all the people to stay connected to. Juggling challenges, responsibilities, opportunities and several roles can easily land us in Superwoman. The energy that runs on adrenaline and high energy. Running from one place to the next and constantly busy and active.


Lover not Superwoman Energy

In this kind of energy it’s easy to blast past the festive season without taking time to slow down, relax and recharge. Especially when we’re not having the usual change of scenery.

So what’s a busy, purpose driven, professional women to do? Well let’s get started with grabbing a pen.



woman walking at the porch during day

Four steps towards relaxation, open heartedness and this festive feeling:

Step 1: Write down the date in your calendar when you’ll be making the shift. This could be the usual day when you would set off for your vacation.

Step 2: Think of and prepare for some rituals to take you out of Superwoman and into Lover energy. Think sensual, slow, creative, gentle, warm and seductive. Think texture, music, and movement.

Maybe a walk along the beach with your soft furry hat and gloves on. But don’t just walk. Feel the sand underneath your feet, smell the salty air, swing your hips, lift your arms, twirl and embrace the world.

Or a candle light bath with gentle music. But again, don’t just hop in and read the newspaper. Languish in the warm water, let your body be tenderly moved by the music or softly hum along.

Step 3: Tell your partner, family or others who need to know, that you will take a few hours or even the whole day off on that sp

ecial day.


Step 4: Take the time to practice the rituals you prepared and make the shift. It might feel odd to start with but once you get in the flow and spirit of the moment your body, heart and soul will start to relax and Christmas can arrive not only in your house but in your heart.



Sounds frivolous, ridiculous or simply silly to you? Then it could be a sign that the Lover energy has been missing in your life for some time. Gently invite her and her sensuality, playfulness, vitality, ambience and inspiration back into your life. Christmas comes alive in the eyes of the Lover. Smells penetrate her nose, food tingles her tongue and hugs give her the shivers. You know her well. She is you when you fall in love, bury your nose in the neck of your sleeping baby, let yourself be carried away by a sexy rhythm.

Live’s not the same without her. Let her back in this season.

Manuela Damant


I feel our world, our organizations, and our lives are out of balance, and it is the feminine that many times is lacking. Feminine leadership brings back balance and joins hands with the healthy masculine to create a world with a future. As a OneOfMany certified women’s coach we call this concept SoftPower and I believe when we women start owning our voices, we will make the world a better place. Want to find out more? Contact me via