Marriage is not worth it for women


Marriage is not worth it for women according to an article in Psychology Today. Noam Shpancer Ph.D. claims ‘the benefits go mostly to men.’ And yet, us women tend to blame ourselves and rack our brains what we’re doing wrong, how we can improve our communication, sex life, and align our lives’ purpose. What’s going on here?

The Superwoman Trap

Let’s explore this a bit further by asking ourselves a few questions:

How do I perceive my role in my marriage?

Do I tend to sacrifice and put my own desires and wishes behind those of my husband’s and children?

Am I working, cooking, organising, socialising all day long only to fall into bed without any time spent on the most important person in my life? Myself?

To have it all, we have to DO it all?

These days, we are much more outspoken about our needs and our expectations – not just at work but in our relationships, too. And yet, many of us still feel like – in order to ‘have it all’ – we have to ‘DO it all’. And we end up feeling exhausted, disappointed, and even angry at our inability to cope.

Funnily enough, inability to cope assumes that we could have the ability to balance it all in the first place. Unfortunately, this is a false belief to start with. A lot of times it is simply impossible to meet all the expectations that we, along with society, place on ourselves.

How on earth are we supposed to make a healthy nutritious breakfast for our kids in the morning – whilst being at work at the crack of dawn? How are we supposed to stay fit and slim – without taking away from spending quality time with our partners and family? How are we supposed to be social and outgoing and drumming up funds for a great cause – whilst keeping the home tidy and spotless? Turn into Superwoman? Well, many of us try. Adding more and more balls to juggle. But it takes a massive toll on our health and happiness.


The key to a more fulfilling marriage is to be more fulfilled in yourself

How do we do that?


By embracing a different way of showing up in our lives. At Azkua we call this concept Gentle Ambition. And instead of turning into Superwoman we discover the power and energy of female archetypes like the Lover, the Sorceress and the Queen and we bring balance, energy and clarity back into our lives. Showing up in this new way will not only enrich your life in a way you did not think possible, but it will transform your husband and kids too. And ultimately women like YOU will transform the world we live in.


Interested to find out how to have it all by doing less? Treat yourself to a complimentary coaching session and we’ll explore together.

Keep loving, living and learning.

Manuela Damant. Azkua Coach[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]