Are you ready to embark On your Next Career adventure?

You have come far. You have achieved many of your twenty something goals and now you are becoming curious of what’s next.

With buckets full of experience, talent and passion you have decided you are done with playing office politics, delivering someone else’s objectives and doing the tasks that you are good at, but not necessarily the ones that get you out of bed energized. 

And now you are ready to discover a new type of ambition and to actively turn your mid-career crisis into an opportunity.

Join our 8-week online programme to increase the meaning, influence and balance in your career. 


Do you relate to this?

Mid career could be the time when you can truly make a difference within the organization you work with. You have plenty of experience, a wealth of hard & soft skills and successfully navigated many a complex situation.

So why do so many women choose to drop out from corporate roles at this very stage?

Here are some of the reasons we hear from our clients:

✔You are exhausted from trying to make sure that everyone and everything else is taken care of
✔ You get curious and start wondering ‘’Is This All?’’
✔ You are stretched too thin to even think about your next step and long to create more space
✔ You are frustrated with the lack of progress or impact in your career and feel you have reached a ceiling
✔You feel unsure of what you bring to the table, what is unique to you
✔You want to know and communicate your worth better, in order to realize your potential
✔Rather than doing what everybody else expects you finally want to meet your own expectations
✔You want to be proud of who you are and how you show up

This is the time to go slower to go further

Imagine a life and career where you are

✔ brimming with energy and meaning in your life and career
✔ connected to your strengths and values, and showing up from a place of power and authenticity
✔ able to set elegant and clear boundaries to create more space for yourself 
✔ directing your inner critic to show up as an advisor rather than an enemy
✔ creating career progress and success on your terms
✔ waking up in the morning deeply aligned with what’s important to you and proud of how you are showing

Discover Our Gentle Ambition Programme

Start your next exciting career chapter, filled with meaning and intention

One in four women are considering leaving or downshifting their careers, according to the World Economic Forum. This is another pandemic no one is talking about: the mass exodus of women in organisations. We need you to stay in your corporate role, to thrive and to achieve all your goals, because we know that when women thrive, organizations and society thrive too.

Our 8-week Gentle Ambition Programme will help you do just that.

Embark on a journey that will shift your mindset around what is possible for you. You will receive tailored tools and practices that will help you create a new perspective and move you forward. And you’ll join a group of supportive women who’ve got your back. There is nothing that cannot be accomplished when women come together in support of each other.



What you will learn and how it will transform your life and career

  • Boundaries and saying no. 

You will learn how to create more space in your day, for the activities that matter to you most at home and at work. 

  • Leveraging your strengths and taming your sabotaging patterns.

You will learn how to tap into your zone of genius. How to communicate with others about it and what you can do with your sabotaging patterns, that are holding you back. 

  • Bringing your values, meaning and purpose to practice. 

You will learn and embrace what truly matters to you, through discovering your own values      and how you want to show up in work and life. This in turn will help you to say NO to the projects that are not aligned with who you are, so you can create space and say YES to the projects that energizes you. 

  • Female archetypes

You will learn how to tap into the full range of your female archetypes. Sometimes we need the help of our Queen to set boundaries and say No. Other times we might need to bring more warrioress with us, to push through the projects that matter to us. And other times we will have to learn to trust our sorcerers and know that the right opportunities are out there and will knock on our doors.   

What our past participants and their managers say:

“A perfect balance of techniques and insights, emotions, love, laughter, harsh truths. A group of wonderful women entered a roller coaster. During several days, the course took us to highs and lows, to lefts and rights, and all upside down – with the sole purpose of providing us with the tools and energy to get the best out of ourselves and the ones we lead.”

Dana Capariu

Senior Data Governance Officer at FMO – Dutch Development Bank

Prospering teams - quote

“I learned so much about myself, it is difficult to know where to start. Knowing my saboteurs and how they present themselves gave me an understanding of why I have done what I did. My Gallup profile gave me a real insight in what triggers me and why I have been attracted and triggered by my current job and role. The Women’s PowerTypes have given me a language and examples of how I can lead from different perspectives depending on what the situation calls for, and has given me tools to grow as a leader. Lastly this programme has ignited a new path of growth in me, it was and is a start to a new path and interesting developments.”


Clair Moore

IBMS Deputy Head Academic Staff, Lecturer at The Hague University of Applied Sciences

“A big part of competence is being realistic about one’s limitations. I want to run my teams with strictly equal opportunity, but as a male leader my personal experience goes only so far to help top female talent develop and thrive. 

That is where I found an excellent partner in Manuela and her team at Azkua, who have achieved outstanding results with several of the most talented women I work with. 

The programs gave them important insights in limiting and enabling dynamics – in themselves as well as the organization around them – and equipped them with practical tools and techniques to address these. I’ve seen these women grow more confident, more effective and engaged, while still remaining true to themselves. They have become my coaches too, expanding my own skill set to get better as a holistic and truly gender-neutral leader”. 

Stefan Verstraeten
COO Automative at TomTom

How does the programme work?

Once your application has been approved you will be welcomed and enrolled into the next available programme.

8 week programme format:

  • 2 x 1 hour calls a week

  • 1 weekly call on the concepts and their application

  • 1 weekly group coaching call

  • 3 assessments (archetypes, strengths, saboteurs)

  • Supportive community with a limited number of participants (max 12)

  • Application process to make sure that this programme is a good fit for you


What we will cover:

  • Leveraging strengths in order to increase positive collaboration
  • Taming sabotaging patterns to enhance performance, creativity and innovation
  • Boundaries and saying no. Maximising time for meaningful results
  • Adding meaning and purpose to increase engagement at work
  • Aligning personal values and purpose with organizational values and purpose
  • Female archetypes and how to leverage it for positive impact. 

Meet your coaches

At Azkua we are on a mission to turn businesses and organisations into a force for good. And we believe that it is professional women, who will be at the forefront of this transformation. Purpose driven, caring, grounded and influential women.

Dovile Corrigan

Strengths expert and coach on a mission to help more women embrace their unique talents and strengths so they can show up from their zone of genius.

Manuela Damant

Feminine leadership coach with a passion to help more women embrace their innate leadership talent to create the change they wish to see in the world. 

What makes this programme different?

We created our programme on the belief that success does not need to be exhausting. As power part-timers ourselves we discovered a way on how we can combine career success with family, influence with meaning and hard work with fun. The many years of coaching and training have helped us to put together a transformational programme that will take you on a journey to shift your mindset around what is possible for you. Participants keep telling us they wish they had done a training like ours years ago and that we share with them should be taught at school. This is not a simple how to programme, it is introducing you to a whole new paradigm of what it means to be a purpose driven female professional in this day and age.  


I was pleasantly surprised by what I’ve uncovered in the Grow Rooted workshop series led by Dovile and Manuela. The workshop was both informative and interesting and facilitated in a very supportive atmosphere. It helped me understand my strengths, hindrances and allowed me to prioritize what to work on next. I would highly recommend the workshop to anyone who wants to understand themselves better.

Ipek Kotan
Studio Ipek Kotan


Manuela helped me to figure out in a natural way what is actually not wrong with me and how I can safely navigate through a period of difficulties and uncertainties in my professional life. How to cherish more who I am, gain more confidence in what I do and take pride in the why.. Thank you, my guiding star!


Mihaela Platon
Sales Manager, Key Accounts Team