Azkua EVOLVE programme

Your personal and professional evolution starts here

Why evolve?

The time has come for you to be the best version of yourself!

Join us on the path to:

  • ELEVATE your career
  • EMBRACE your innate feminine power
  • EMERGE as your true self
  • be EMPOWERed to act
  • ENGAGE others and
  • EMBODY everything you ever wanted to be.

There has never been a better time for women to become conscious female leaders. Take the lead in your life to find balance, get recognition and achieve the results you deserve.

For whom is this programme?

This programme is for all women ready to close the gap between who they are now, and who they long to be. Professional or entrepreneurial women with the drive, passion and longing to BE and DARE more in this world. BE more of themselves, BE more daring, BE more loving, BE more whole. DARE to work in alignment with their strengths, purpose and desires. DARE to speak up and lead. DARE to do what’s right, over what’s easy or acceptable.


How will you evolve?

  • Become courageous and have impact
  • Recognise your worth and contribution
  • Stop self-sabotage and hindering beliefs and behaviours (link to article on four personas)
  • Feel your personal power and ambition
  • Connect to your purpose, strengths and talents
  • Harness your innate feminine power
  • Recognize that you have got all it takes to create the change you believe in
  • Embrace the support, challenge and cheerleading of a group of like-minded women
  • Realize that you do not have to do it alone and that together is better

What past participants say about EVOLVE

“Azkua has helped me to unleash my talents and strengths in ways I did not see before. I am more clearly communicating with colleagues, more efficiently managing my workload/ overload, and more clearly identifying what I want in my career.”

Allison Woolcott

Business Controller, TomTom

“Before the start of the course, I was unsure of the outcome and what to expect. By the end of day 1, I had one of the most insightful development days I’ve had in 25 years of my professional life.”

Lynette Croxford

Head of People and Engagement, LeQuest

“We worked on setting healthy boundaries, having difficult conversations, and positively presenting ourselves. Highly recommended for those considering a leadership role or needing mentoring for growth.”

Elle Ryan

Head of School, International School Delft

Keen to join the growing tribe of conscious female leaders at Azkua?

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What you can expect from Evolve?


EVOLVE is made up of four parts:


3-day foundation course


  • gain the mindset and tools to build a strong self
  • detangle from limiting beliefs and behaviours 
  • create the most nourishing and supporting relationships
  • prepare to authentically step into the new, more powerful YOU that will start to emerge


2-day intensive


  • learn about our co-evolving leadership: purpose based, collaborative, reliable, inclusive, and effective 
  • gain tools on effective influencing to gain power, visibility, and passion
  • embed a mindset of openness and non-judgement
  • learn to empower others and make them part of the change


2-day intensive


  • dive into the trickier aspects of collaborating with others and bringing them along
  • learn to enter the zone of discomfort and to have difficult conversations
  • gain a powerful tool to (re-)set boundaries 
  • uncover the underlying dynamics of teams and how to improve them


2-day intensive


  • explore powerful communication, words, and body language
  • embed your strong self and everything else in your body
  • radiate the new you with your voice, your words, your conviction, your body
  • embrace visibility and get comfortable with being uncomfortable

What’s included in Evolve?

Why should you sign up for Evolve rather than the individual courses and intensives?


Because of that we already know that many of you will end up wanting to complete all four of our live intensives plus the follow-up programme EMBED. We know that that represents a huge commitment of your time and money and at the same time believe in the life-transforming and priceless value you’ll get.

Combining years of experience with years of personal and professional development, we’ve created the kind of women’s leadership programme that will get you unstuck and propel you to a new dimension of energy, resilience and influence you might deem impossible at this time. As one of our participants put it “If you would have told me, what I would end up learning at the beginning of the programme I would not have believed you.”


Now, ready to join the growing tribe of conscious female leaders at Azkua?

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Invest now in yourself or your team!


Join us for EVOLVE and become the person you love being, admire and trust the most. Become the person that others feel drawn to work with, feel inspired by, and to whose example they want to live up to. Become a true force of inspiration, collaboration, spirit, impact, joy, and love. Become the person others instantly recognize as the change leaders of tomorrow. And save over 40% by doing so compared to our standard prices when booking the five parts separately.

Each of us at Azkua has been at a similar fork in the road before too. Do you keep putting yourself last, refuse to ask for help, keep trying to sort things out yourself? Or is it finally time to invest in yourself, get advice from women who walked this path before you and accept the help and support of a tribe?

You have the opportunity to gain insights from our most effective mindshifts, tools and behaviours. You will engage with our team of professional coaches with many years of experience to guide you through this EVOLUTION.

Invest in yourself, get advice from women who walked this path before you, and gain the help and support of a tribe!

It's your time to join the growing tribe of conscious female leaders at Azkua!

Book your free 30-minutes consultation call to assess your needs and answer all your open questions.

Still not sure?

Not sure yet if the EVOLVE programme is what you need right now? Need more information and advice? Want to find out if we Azkua coaches are the right ones for you?

Alternatively check out the four live intensives and start with the one that resonates with you most. And should you decide to upgrade afterwards, we will reward you with upgrading you to EVOLVE to the same conditions as described above.

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Join the tribe of conscious female leaders at Azkua

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