Empower course


In our Embrace and Emerge courses, you’ve shed your individual unhelpful behaviours and beliefs. Now it’s time for you to reconnect with your innate leadership skills and talent. In order to create the change you seek, you will need to empower others and to bring them along.

Learn how to influence and gain power, visibility, and passion. Understand what motivates you, what motivates others and how to communicate your vision in a way that will encourage support from your community. Learn how to empower others and make them part of the change.

Effective leadership doesn’t start with new behaviours. It starts with a new mindset. In our Emerge course you will have already taken a close look at how you perceive yourself and others. So the next step is learning how that influences and empowers others.

Discover what holds ineffective leaders and companies back, and what propels influential change makers forwards.

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