Emerge as your true self

A 3-day foundation course

What this course is about
  • gaining the mindset and tools to become your strongest self
  • detangling from limiting beliefs and behaviours
  • adopting more empowering ways of being
  • developing self-compassion and innate self-worth
  • preparation to authentically step into the new, more powerful YOU that will start to emerge
Who will benefit from this?
  • Do you suffer from imposter syndrome?
  • Are you shying away from fully stepping up?
  • Are there times when you feel like you’re not enough, a failure?
  • Are you ready to be kinder to yourself?
  • Are you ready to shift your perspective of yourself?
  • Are you ready to become the powerful woman you are meant to be?
How will you emerge?

This 3-day foundation course gives you the opportunity to test your self-belief system, identify the stumbling blocks keeping you from being your strongest self, introduce you to new empowering ways of being and the mechanisms to change your relationship to yourself forever.

What can you expect?
  • preparatory tasks
  • pre-call to get to know the other participants
  • 3 full course days spread over three months
  • handouts and worksheets during these days
  • homework
  • personal logbook to document your insights and progress
  • 3 60-minutes Q&A calls – one after each course day to help you with practising and implementing
  • access to online learning platform and further resources
  • access to the Azkua community
Your investment
  • your commitment and energy
  • your time for participating in the three course days plus doing all the preparatory and homework
  • course fee of EUR 1,500 (including 21% Dutch VAT)
Next dates to join


Tuesday, 14th January 2020
Tuesday, 11th February 2020
Tuesday, 10th March 2020

The Hague

Friday, 17th January 2020
Friday, 7th February 2020
Friday, 6th March 2020

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