Ready to embed what you’ve learned and who you are at work and life?


You have participated in our Azkua Embrace and Evolve programmes. Now you are ready to apply and truly embed what you’ve learnt in practice. The Embed programme gives you the opportunity to do so in a safe learning environment with a group of like-minded women. You are supported by our coaches and the other participants in the group. You will embark on a grand adventure that will bring your ideas, projects and revolution to life!

At Azkua, we believe that true transformation doesn’t just happen in the mind. Our visions are translated through our bodies too – our behaviour, body language, actions…and our hearts. As part of this programme, you will take the mental learnings and embed it to real life situations. And when the going gets tough (which it will, when your vision is big) then you’ll be supported, cheered on and mentored by the people around you. It’s never been more exciting and safe to embark on a new journey.

Ready to lead the change?