We believe nothing is stagnant and nothing is static. The only constant is change.

Azkua was born out of the urge to empower individuals and businesses. To help them embrace their uniqueness and (re)discover the joy of collaboration. And out of the desire to transform the way we work and live. 

The old concept of leadership is fading. It makes way for a collective, participative, and intimately personal kind of leadership. And we’re very excited to play a part in this transformation.

We offer personal developmental coaching for women and men wanting to make a change. This is achieved via group learning experiences. In these programs we use a range of tried and tested coaching tools and techniques, leading to practical solutions and results.

We believe that women – in order to be successful change leaders, to move forward and remain strong for others – they must first recognise how to be their strongest selves.





What does Azkua mean?

First, we struggled to find a word that truly encapsulated not only our core values but also our ultimate vision for change. But we had decided to re-brand from ‘Open The Door Leadership’ to a new name for different reasons. So, how should we call us and our initiative?

We chose the name Azkua. Because it conjures up a number of images – from aqua and water, to words associated with Aztecs, the far East and Native America. It’s strong, spiritual and strongly embedded in nature.

Azkua derives from the word ‘Ascua’ – meaning ‘burning ember’ in Spanish. We all have that burning ember inside of us that is waiting to be fanned, to glow brighter and to create a spark. We all want to be ignited. But we are also made of water – strong, flexible, persevering and beautiful. It has the power to sustain, but also to extinguish. By using the colour of water and flame in our logo, we aim to demonstrate the inner battle inside us all – passion and clarity, hunger and our subconscious saboteurs ready to put out our internal fire. 



The world needs to change. We all know that. And we all know the power is in the collective – but a collective is only as strong as its weakest member.

Our clients and participants learn how to discover their calling and take action. We help them to do so by utilising their passion, talent and strength in order to make a meaningful impact on the world. We provide deeply transformative learning experiences in connected and collaborative group environments – as a safe place to learn and grow.

This isn’t about teaching people to be perfect, to have it all or to be ‘better’. It’s about helping women and men discover their stronger self.

Azkua is about making a change. Together.